A Brief Evaluation Of Some Common Problems Associated With The Production Of SPC Floor

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When it comes to a flooring material that gives absolute comfort and satisfaction in use, stone plastic composite, commonly written as SPC is one of the most sought for by home owners as well as project managers. The reason for this high level of likeness and admiration for SPC flooring is in part due to their high quality designs, durability, as well as cost effectiveness when considering the price of other flooring materials.


However, when considering to invest in SPC flooring, it is best to ensure that you source for them from a reliable and highly experienced manufacturer that will give you guarantee of durability and satisfaction for your hard-earned money.


Well, during the manufacture of this high-end flooring material, many manufacturers run into one problem or the other. These, you can tell is a way of stalling their production process and even reducing their productivity.


So, in this article, we shall be considering some common problems associated with the production of SPC flooring material as well as how they can be solved.


1. Problem

Instability in the dimension of the product, thus making the final die not be be sufficient, and irregular thickness of the wall.



Unnecessary lubrication both outside and inside, as well as instability in the speed of the quantitative feeding. Also, some serious wear around the screw barrel or even incorrect clearance in matching.



Enhancing the ratio of the slipper both internally and externally, correcting any failure in the feeding process, and replacing screw and barrel, and also adjusting the screw clearance of the barrel.

 SPC flooring

2. Problem

The consequence are irregular in display, result production is very bad, clear colour digression, the result is breakable, the exterior design is asymmetrically with fish   the firmmes is low, and defiance is uncertificated.



Recipe form is quite shaky, plasticise is very bad, defunct wadding is relatively tall, the quantity of shock resistance substances are inadequate.



Defunct wadding should be appropriately lessened to the lowest minimum, recipe form should be altered, bump substance should be properly enlarged, plasticise substances should be appropriately added in 65%.


3. Problem

The wraped up results establish crook, district collapse and distortion.



Coercion of water is relatively low, degree of freezing water is tall, pace of dismissal is very quick, chenille is not on similar horizon, the void gloom-ridden coercion is relatively inadequate, and even the gas and water track is rough.



Chenille should be accurate at similar volume, the velocity of dismissal should be lessened, the volume of freezing water should also be reduced, water force should be enlarged and run, void gloom-ridden coercion should be appropriately modified to correct the movement of both air and water.


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