Future Projections And Prospects Of SPC Flooring

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Developed countries in America, Asia Pacific and Europe see SPC flooring to be very famous in their market.


Having a person durability and stability, the product resolves the formaldehyde in other decoration materials and the problem of moist an distorted solid wood flooring.


The product is obtain from German brand SPC silent flooring. The requirements of domestic high-end customers is been meet by issues regarding environmental protection.


The moment is here as a lot of homes, hotel, commercial, office and other indoor places have selected SPC flooring.


Stone Plastic Composite is abbreviated as "SPC". It is a recent developments of eco-friendly flooring which is based on high technology.


It possess, mildew resistance, fire resistance, zero formaldehyde, simple installation, moisture resistance and insect resistance.


The original German SPC flooring factory which was satisfied, has production standards, equipments, strong technical strength, materials and production technology according to the highest requirements of the original factory production, which can last for over 25 years of service. It needs no attachment while site construction is on.

SPC Flooring

SPC flooring factory make use of eco-friendly formulas in the manufacturing of SPC flooring which do not have injurious elements like methanol, methal and phthalates so as to enable that the environmental protection requirements are meet. They agree with EN649-2011, GB4085-83, EN14372 and IEC62321 standards.


Developed countries in America, Asia Pacific and Europe have SPC flooring to be very famous in their market.


Having a perfect durability and stability, it handles environmental protection problem like formaldehyde in other r decoration materials and the problem of moist and distorted solid wood flooring, which suits the conditions of domestic high-end customers.


Its important characteristics include the following;

1. No warping or cracking,

2. They are harmless

3. No rot and mildew

4. They are load-bearing resistance

5. They are aldehyde-free and benzene-free

6. They are environmental protection

7. They have a super abrasion resistance

8. They are insect resistant and have antibacterial properties

9. Permanent waterproofing

10. They are never deformed

11. They can easily be reuses

12. They are pretty simple to care for

13. They have Ultra-resistance to cigarette

14. They are B1 fireproof

15. Noise abortion and mute

16. High-end rebound

17. Permanent and do not change colour

18. They promise a lifetime use

19. They are light and easy to move

20. They offer a quick installation steps

21. They are generally easy to design and they are ready to use.


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