About Laminate

About Laminate

Aggrandizement compound floor, the technical name is impregnated paper laminated wood floor, it is with high-density fiber-board as the base material, the surface sticks to decorate impregnated paper and wear-resisting impregnated paper, the back sticks to balance paper, through hot pressing, tenon groove and other processes made of tone-and-groove floor. It is composed of wear-resisting layer, decorative layer, base layer and balance layer.

Why choose Laminate

Aggrandizement is compound floor wear-resisting index is high, it is 10 ~ 30 times above that ACTS the role of a floor for common lacquer about, and apply at ground heating.

Beautiful: computer simulation of a variety of wood patterns, patterns and colors.

Stability: completely broke the original timber organization wet bilge dry shrink characteristics, especially suitable for the room of the floor heating system.

In addition, there is anti - impact, anti - static, anti - pollution, anti - ilumination, anti - cigarette burning, convenient installation, simple maintenance and so on.

History of Laminate flooring


It was developed in 1985 by Austrian particleboard manufacturers and Swedish manufacturers. Since its successful development, it has shown a strong vitality, and is favored by more and more customers with its unique comprehensive advantages.


Aggrandizement floor enters Chinese market 1995, as begin phase to be up to 1997 annual sale is about 6 million square metre, and common people does not know what aggrandizement floor mostly, the enterprise that is engaged in production is less than 10, sale brand is less than 30, do not have the brand promotion strategy of special system, also do not have mature large-scale production enterprise to appear. The first state-owned laminate flooring was born in Shanghai cosco huili, and the private enterprise is hunan kangpai.


In 1998, the production and sales volume in Europe and America have exceeded 100 million square meters, in 1999, the global sales volume was 222 million square meters, and in 2000, it was 351 million square meters.


1998-2000 for aggrandizement floor high-speed development stage, 3 years aggrandizement floor market grows 4800 m2 by 6 million m2, grow 7.5 times. The number of enterprises engaged in production has rapidly increased to as many as 50. The brand is more than 100 big. As the strong enterprise of aggrandizement wood floor and brand emerge, product average sale price drops, the product appears low price competition, the multinational group product of international many permeate to the market.


2000-2005 for laminized floor market mature stage, 2000 sales 48 million m2, growth 50%, 2001 65 million m2, growth 35%, 2002 85 million m2 growth 31%, 2003 12 million m2, growth 25%, 2005 16 million m2 growth 7%.

Application scenarios

Shopping malls, Office buildings, Factories, Residential, etc.

Ultra-light, ultra-thin, fireproof, waterproof, moisture-proof, sound-absorbing, noise-proof and antibacterial properties.

Acid and alkali corrosion resistance

Anti-static and anti-skid

Easy to cut and splice, reduce waste and can be installed quickly

Family, Bedroom, etc

The surface wear resistance is high, has the higher flame retardant performance, the anti-pollution corrosion ability is strong, the anti-pressure, the anti-impact performance is good.

Easy to clean and care.

Dimensional stability is good, because this can assure, the aperture between the floor in using a process is lesser, not easy arch.

Easy to lay.

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