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Production Process

The company's floor production and production process can be roughly divided into eight processes, respectively extrusion, pressing plate, drenching film, grooving, laminating, painting, saw plate and laminating. In terms of production, we have a highly professional production line and production personnel, which provides an effective guarantee for our company from the production of products to finished products.


The product of raw materials for processing squeeze into the whole floor


Press the color film and the substrate together

Laminating line

Paint the surface of the product


Open a slot, the floor late to finished product assembly


Put a mute pad on the back of the product

Turn the paint

The notches on the floor surface spray paint

Sawing plate

Saw the product into boards of the appropriate size

Cover machine

Press LVT product onto WPC substrate

Quality inspection

The floor products of the company are mainly tested as: scratch resistance tester, electric tension testing machine, electric heating air drying box, peel strength tester and density tester. We have professional quality control personnel, and quality control personnel in strict accordance with the national standards on the grade of finished products, appearance and related physical and chemical properties of testing, so as to provide customers with the best quality assurance.

Electric heating air drying box

Scratch-resistant instrument

Stripping strength tester

Electric tension testing machine

Density meter

KBS certificate

Floor environmental protection standards are CARB, E 0, E 1, E2 four levels. Our flooring base selected high quality logs for fiber separation and extraction, and it is also using pollution-free environmental protection technology. The CARB environmental protection standard is currently the highest international test standard for formaldehyde releases. Our floor is in line with the highest CARB standards, so it is safe to use. In addition, we have obtained SGS, ISO 14000 Environmental System, ISO9001 certificates and FloorScore certificates.


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