About WPC

About WPC

WPC replaces the common resin adhesive with polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride, and mixes with more than 50% wood powder, rice husks, straw and other waste plant fibers to form new wood materials, and then produces plates or profiles through extrusion, molding, injection molding and other plastic processing technologies.

Why choose WPC

Good processing performance: WPC contains plastic and fiber, so it has similar processing performance with wood, which can be sawed, nailed and planed. It can be finished with woodworking tools, and the nail holding force is obviously better than other synthetic materials, generally 3 times as much as wood and 5 times as much as particle board.

Good strength performance: because it contains fiber and is fully mixed with plastic, it has physical and mechanical properties such as compression resistance and bending resistance, and its durability is obviously better than ordinary wood materials. The surface hardness is high, generally 2-5 times of wood.

With uv light stability, good coloring.

Excellent adjustable properties: through additives, plastics can be polymerized, foamed, cured, etc., so as to change the density, strength and other characteristics of wood plastic materials, and can also meet the special requirements of anti-aging, anti-static, flame retardant and so on.

History of WPC flooring


In 1835, Russian scientists discovered the material WPC.WPC polymer products were produced in Germany in 1930. In 1937, the first patent for WPC coating on fabric was applied for in Germany. In the 1950s, WPC coating materials were further developed.WPC flooring has been accepted by the Chinese market gradually since the American WPC sheet flooring first entered the Chinese market in 1993.


Since the first WPC plastic floor was introduced into the domestic market in the 1980s, the whole industry has been in the initial stage of exploration and development until 2000.


From 2000 to 2004, WPC flooring had a preliminary development;


From 2004 to 2007, WPC plastic sports floor and commercial floor were gradually recognized by the industry. More and more sports venues and competition venues began to use professional WPC sports floor, and more and more construction projects began to use WPC commercial floor.


With the 2008 Olympic Games, as well as the whole market of WPC plastic floor recognition, according to expert analysis the industry has entered a development period, the next 5-10 years will enter a high-speed development period.


According to the national development plan in 2010, the construction industry will become the pillar industry of national economy, the country will be built in the city residential area of 3.35 billion square meters, the town built a residential area of 5 billion square meters, public building about 1 billion square meters, calculate by foreign WPC floor one-third share that would be a huge market. Strong WPC plastic flooring industry development.

Application scenarios

Shopping malls, Office buildings, Factories, Residential, etc.

Ultra-light, ultra-thin, fireproof, waterproof, moisture-proof, sound-absorbing, noise-proof and antibacterial properties.

Acid and alkali corrosion resistance

Anti-static and anti-skid

Easy to cut and splice, reduce waste and can be installed quickly

Family, Bedroom, etc

The surface wear resistance is high, has the higher flame retardant performance, the anti-pollution corrosion ability is strong, the anti-pressure, the anti-impact performance is good.

Easy to clean and care.

Dimensional stability is good, because this can assure, the aperture between the floor in using a process is lesser, not easy arch.

Easy to lay.

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