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Our requirements for recruiting agents:

1.Our agent need to have some knowledge of relevant flooring industry

2.Our agent in the local has certain influence to understand the local market situation

3.Our agent in the flooring industry has its own understanding and selling skills

4.Our agent related flooring industry dealers agent experience

5.Our agent for the final buyer to provide localized high quality technical support and after-sales service.

The support we provide to agents:

1.Technical support

They can send technical service personnel in all countries, both in the production of their production support or after-sales service technology, service the whole process has a professional technical team, rapid customization best solution for the customer, save delivery date they have ten years of experiences in water and beverage equipment, quickly reply the inquiries and doubts within 24hours online and solve the problems.

2.Product support

Agents include SPC, LVT, WPC and laminate floor and other floor products

3.Cooperation support

Become agent, can according to their own resources to develop customers, deal is successful, we can offer a certain commission

Our advantages:

1.Favorable price, higher profit than distributors

2.Agents can promote their own activities or other products in the mall to achieve a win-win situation

3.All products, patterns, copy and so on are maintained by the headquarters, do not need to worry about

4.Enjoy a certain amount of dividend or commission

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