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Woven Vinyl Flooring Manufacturer

KBS Floor&Decor has served our worldwide clients, providing the best woven vinyl flooring for over 20 years. Find our full ranges of flooring products to make your dream home into reality.

Woven Vinyl Flooring

With easy to maintain and has a high performance rating for residential and commercial purposes setting, KBS provide over 100 types of printing and colour types for customer choosing. Generally in rolls, conventional 150cm-200 wide, 5-20 meters long/roll. It can also be made into sheets and blocks, which are suitable for decorative use in offices or meeting areas. The weight per square meter of the roll is about 2.0-5.0kg, and the thickness of the backing mat is 1.6-4.0mm. Instead of it, KBS also provides customise services for requesting amount of quantity.
Woven vinyl adopts environmentally friendly PVC rubber as the main raw material, and is woven by the Textile machine weaving to make non-slip, waterproof, mildew resistant, wear-resistant, flame retardant and easy to clean woven. The woven floor is made of non-slip, waterproof, mildew-resistant, wear-resistant, flame-retardant and easy-to-clean fabrics, then scraped and coated with PVC adhesive by machine and molded into woven floor at high temperature. KBS woven vinyl is produced by the scraping and coating technology introduced from abroad, and the technology level is in the leading position in the industry. position, the product structure has obvious advantages, the maximum width of the floor can be up to 2.8 meters, the maximum thickness can be up to 5 mm, and does not contain phthalate-free. The maximum width of the floor can be up to 2.8 meters, the maximum thickness can be up to 5 millimeters, and does not contain phthalates and formaldehyde and other harmful substances. 

More about Woven Vinyl Flooring

At present, the mainstream of Woven Vinyl in addition to recyclable, non-toxic and harmless characteristics, the use of more must have functionality. 

Woven Vinyl Flooring Benifits:


● Superior waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-slip. The special woven material and honeycomb closed-cell structure of the backing mat make Woven Vinyl have very low water absorption rate and excellent moisture-proof and anti-penetration performance. In addition to the special surface weaving process and special anti-slip treatment of the backing, making the product more suitable for public places and family use.


● Superior waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-slip properties. The special weaving material and the honeycomb closed cell structure of the backing mat make Woven Vinyl with very low water absorption rate, excellent moisture-proof and anti-penetration performance. In addition to the special surface weaving process and special anti-slip treatment of the backing, the product is more suitable for public places and family use, especially SPA halls, swimming pools, washrooms and other hydrophilic places, and its superior performance is any kind of flooring materials can not be compared.

● Easy to clean, low maintenance cost. The stains and dusts only stay on the surface of the flooring material, only need simple care, with a vacuum cleaner, cleaner or water can be cleaned, no need for professional cleaners and equipment, and no need for waxing and polishing can be kept everlastingly new, so it saves a lot of manpower and material costs compared with the traditional carpet's post maintenance.

● Durability. Traditional carpet is easy to absorb dust and oil, even if it is cleaned and maintained frequently, its service life is only 3-5 years, but Woven Vinyl can be used for about 15 years.

● Strong stain resistance. Compared with wool and other fiber carpets that are very easy to produce water stains, stains, this kind of carpet will not absorb liquids, strong stain resistance, and will not fall out of the hair, not to mention that traditional carpets are very easy to produce mites and pollute the environment.

● Flame-retardant, the flame-retardant value has reached the national building materials B1 level standard.

● Sound-absorbing and sound-insulating, with good heat preservation performance. As the surface of Woven Vinyl is made of fine fiber yarns woven into a concave-convex shape, it is more conducive to the absorption of ground noise and isolation. Its bottom mat is honeycomb closed cell structure, more effectively ensure the superiority of the product in heat preservation and energy saving, heat preservation and insulation effect is much higher than other floor materials.

● Woven Vinyl has a soft texture and good elasticity, and it absorbs and relieves the pressure on the knee joints when walking, so that you can experience a soft, quiet and comfortable feeling.

● Woven Vinyl absorbs and relieves pressure on the knee joints during walking and provides a soft, comfortable, and noticeably soft feel.

●Woven Vinyl is also easy to dye, and the woven carpet can have rich color variations and strong color fastness, which can meet the requirements of the national regulations of level 4.Woven Vinyl Flooring can be used to produce thousands or even more varieties of flowers and colors through different colors and preparation methods, and reduce the environmental impact of the product through the control of the quality of dyes.

● The woven layer and the mat are fused and molded in one go, so they will not crack and will not warp or warp easily when the floor is fully paved. The special fiber braided carpet is made of environmentally friendly materials and will not induce skin allergies.

●No mold growth.

● It has strong anti-bacterial properties.

●Non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly products. General flooring will inevitably contain a certain amount of formaldehyde, but the formaldehyde content of special fiber braided carpet is 0.

●In addition, Woven Vinyl can also weave special demand carpets according to customer requirements. For example, UV-resistant carpets designed for outdoor use can still be maintained for at least 3-5 years under normal outdoor use. Compared with general textile materials, UV-resistant carpets are more durable and can be non-slip and water-resistant, making them the best choice for the periphery of water-playing facilities, yachts, and home terraces. There are also Woven Vinyl Flooring with good anti-static and electrical insulation properties, and special carpets for swimming pools, bathrooms and other special environments.



Woven Vinyl Flooring Maintenance and Cleaning


Woven Vinyl after a long period of research and improvement, the quality of the internationally recognized standards, flooring surface weaving design, the structure of the close and meticulous, waterproof and anti-slip, easy to clean, stains and dust only stay on the surface of the flooring material, only simple care, vacuum cleaner, general cleaner or water can be cleaned without waxing and polishing can be kept forever new, is really the first choice for home and commercial flooring materials.



Woven Vinyl Flooring Application


Public part: suitable for all kinds of office places such as hotels, offices, stores, restaurants, museums, theaters, exhibition centers, banks, fitness centers, SPA pavilions, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, yachts and ships, 4S stores and so on.

Civil part: living room, bedroom, study, bathroom, entertainment room, terrace, poolside, gym and so on.



Woven Vinyl Construction Process Requirements


● Before woven vinyl floorings are laid, the floor should be level and clean. If the ground is uneven, it is necessary to do self-runner.

● Use PVC adhesive, full brush adhesive is required.

● During the paving process, the woven vinyl should not be pulled by force.

● After the woven vinyl is paved, it should be pressed flat to prevent the carpet from bulging, and can be used only after 24 hours.

●Woven vinyl cutting should be done with sharp blades in case the foot edge is not cut cleanly, and overlapping cutting should be done when splicing.

●When wallpapering, pay attention to all yin and yang corners of the intersection need to leave an extra 5cm or so, and then cut after 24 hours of glue curing.

Woven Vinyl Flooring FAQ

  • Vinyl flooring underlay has even and neat pores and is soft and comfortable, but woven vinyl underlay doesn't look and feel as good as vinyl flooring why?
    The underlay of woven vinyl is made of 100% PVC, which has excellent durability and anti-slip properties. Only the addition of talc to PVC can make the underlay have uniform voids and appearance like the underlay of ordinary plastic flooring. However, the addition of talc will directly lead to a reduction in the service life of the product, and the underlay is easy to break and has poor toughness. woven vinyl's underlay is processed through a special process, which forms countless closed air holes inside the underlay, and it can fully meet the needs of the general places for the softness of the carpet. In addition, the concavity of the woven vinyl flooring backing is to increase the anti-slip function and enhance the safety of the product in the process of use. If the use of recycled waste plastic to do high-foam underlay, will use the bottom surface smooth and neat, but not conducive to environmental protection and product quality will be greatly reduced.
  • What should I pay attention to in the construction of woven vinyl?
    Firstly to ensure that the ground is flat and clean. Secondly, PVC glue should be full brush in paving. Thirdly, all the cutting seams should be overlapped cutting. Fourth, after wallpaper paving, all the yin and yang corners need to leave about 5CM, such as completely paste before cutting off. Fifth, after paving must be 24 hours before people, and guarantee good ventilation after paving.
  • What is the connection and finish of woven vinyl with other flooring materials?

    The connection with other flooring materials generally adopts PVC closing strip, and the closing with the wall is the same as that of other flooring materials, using skirting boards or edging strips to cover the pressure can be.

  • Does the material used for paving affect the environmental performance and use of the product?
    In order to ensure that the environmental performance of woven vinyl meets the national regulations during the whole process of use, KBS has gone through a number of practical tests, and the "Thomsit" glue under the German Henkel company has superior performance. In the paving process, our company adopts Henkel's interface agent, self-levelling and adhesive. All the works are carried out by Henkel's trained and approved construction team. Based on Henkel's 60 years of experience in the field of floor coverings, we provide all construction services without compromising the safety and environmental protection of our customers.
  • What is the difference between woven vinyl and other flooring materials?
    Compare with PVC flooring and rubber flooring:
    PVC flooring and rubber flooring use a small range, strong smell, poor acoustic performance, maintenance difficulties, poor abrasion resistance, the use of a year after the floor surface has no luster, high construction costs, thermal expansion and contraction coefficient is larger, especially the rubber flooring is used in the use of natural rubber so the floor is more expensive, but the non-slip performance is better than the other flooring materials, and at the same time paving the requirements of a perfect self-levelling grass-roots level otherwise the rubber will exaggerate grass-roots level Defects.

    Comparison with textile (man-made fibres and natural fibres) carpet:
    Textile carpet will be discoloured, environmental health there are more problems: easy to breed bacteria, poor dirt resistance, difficult to clean and maintain, high maintenance costs, short service life, afraid of moisture, easy to appear fibre shedding and so on.

    Comparison with tiles:
    Woven vinyl flooring construction faster than ceramic tiles, light weight, reduce the load of the building, ceramic tiles, non-slip performance is poor (especially in the case of water), walking echo, impact resistance is poor, large seams, more.

    Comparison with wood flooring:
    Solid wood flooring is not suitable for wet environments, easy to deformation, cracking, bulging, insects, mould, decay, walking echo, impact resistance, cleaning and maintenance difficulties, because the floor to paint, formaldehyde emission


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