Everything you need to know about the SPC flooring

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With the growing change in ideas and the need to modify our homes, the floors are not an exception. For those planning to renovate, or to get a new home for your life, then you should be thinking of the SPC flooring. 

But, how much do you know about this unique type of flooring? And what does it add to your interior?

Let’s get started with answers to these important questions.

What are SPC floors?


During your search for vinyl flooring, you may have come across abbreviations like SPC and WPC. If you are wondering what SPC floors are, this is the right place. SPC flooring stands for Stone Plastic Composite.

SPC floors are a luxury vinyl that combines limestone and stabilizers to create an extremely durable core.

SPC floors

Currently SPC floors are the latest generation of vinyl coverings.


Layers of our SPC Floors

Wear Layer: This is the clear top layer of SPC flooring, which adds resistance to scratches and stains.

Vinyl top layer: Each floor plank will have a thin layer attached. This layer is waterproof and will contain the pattern and texture of vinyl flooring.

SPC Core: The SPC core is manufactured by combining limestone powder and stabilizers to create a stable and waterproof core.


Product characteristics.

Water resistance: Our SPC vinyl floors are 100% waterproof, so they can be installed in bathrooms or kitchens without any concern.

No expansion or contraction: It is an extremely stable product with few expansions and contractions compared to LVT and WPC

Stability in high / low temperatures: Thanks to its SPC vinyl core it is more stable in environments with changes in temperature and houses with humidity.

Installation on any surface: the KBS SPC vinyl floors can be installed on any surface, as it is a very versatile product.

Resistance to scratches and impacts: A very important characteristic of SPC vinyl floors is its great resistance to scratches and impacts, as it has great hardness thanks to its manufacturing materials.

Capacity: The SPC have good sound - absorbing capacity, although this is not the strong point of this product, the better being the ability soundproofing of WPC soils, but also tell you that the SPC soils meet quite well when to soundproof.

Easy to install: SPC floors have a click system, so no glue or additional tools are required. On our YouTube channel you can find click system vinyl flooring installation tutorials.

Formaldehyde-free: Formaldehyde is a toxic substance that some vinyl floors contain, but you should know that our vinyl floors are free of this toxic substance, so you don't have to worry about it.


These are the characteristics of our SPC flooring, an option to consider when renovating your home, business, office or others.


If you are interested in acquiring exterior synthetic flooring or PVC floors, you can see our variety of models on our website.


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