What is the Difference Between WPC and SPC Flooring?

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With time, WPC (waterproof core) vinyl plank flooring is taking over the market. This flooring is of great importance. It is not just waterproof but durable as well. They are easy to install and can last longer.

On the other hand, SPC vinyl flooring is also a good option for those who are looking out for value. This flooring is affordable yet stylish. If you want to remodel your space by spending less than the vinyl flooring is for you. 

Main differences between WPC and SPC flooring

One of the modern trends in the design of the house is WPC wood flooring. Many people prefer this flooring over others due to their diverse qualities. However, the SPC flooring is also impressive if you will come across its quality and durability. Both WPC and SPC floorings have their pros and cons. If you are stuck in choosing one of them, then no problem! We are now going to tell you the difference between these two. 


WPC wood flooring has a thick core as compared to the SPC flooring. The WPC planks range from 5 to 8.5 millimeters, while the SPC planks range from 3 to 7.2 millimeters. 


Feel of Foot

The WPC wood flooring is amazing when it comes to the foot feeling. It is thick due to which you will have a comfortable underfoot feeling. It is amazing in stability. When you will walk on the floor, then you will feel it is cushioned. The thickness of this flooring is good in insulation so that the floor will remain warm in the cold season.

Sound Insulation

Those who are looking out for sound insulation should pick WPC over SPC vinyl flooring. The WPC is superior in this insulation. Its thickness makes it able to absorb the sound. Due to this reason, when you will be walking over it, then it will not produce any sound. If you will walk on the SPC flooring, then it will surely produce walking sound.


Many people assume that WPC flooring is thick due to which it is durable. Well, it is durable flooring but not more than SPC flooring. The density of the SPC flooring is good as compared to the WPC floors. The higher density makes them able to resist damage and heavy weights. They do not get affected by drop-off or moving of the heavy things. For that reason, SPC is considered good in durability.


Both SPC and WPC (waterproof core) vinyl plank flooring could be installed in any room or space. There is nothing to worry about the fluctuation of the temperature or exposure of moisture. Both these floors are stable to the maximum. They can resist diverse weather conditions. The performance level of both these floors is remarkable. 

The SPC vinyl flooring manufacturers are focusing a lot on the denser core of the SPC floors. They are trying to make it more resistant to contraction. 


The price of SPC flooring is reasonable, as contrasted to the WPC flooring. Nevertheless, you have to pick the one that suits your requirements. It is better to spend more on the flooring that you need rather than the one of low-price.


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