WPC Flooring: Common Challenges And Tips On How To Handle Them

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Wood Plastic Composite commonly referred to as WPC flooring is a high quality flooring wood material that is used in place of other timber floorboards due to some striking properties that makes it stand out.


Top on the list of such qualities that makes WPC flooring stand out and mostly accepted by many home owners is because of their resistance to different kinds of weather as well as being very easy to care for. However, despite these good qualities of WPC flooring, there are still some lingering problems that makes them wear out easily.


Well, despite all of these, one of the surest ways to ensure that you ensure the best experience from your investment in WPC flooring is to source for them from a professional manufacturer.


So, in this article, we shall be sharing some expert tips on how you can avoid some common damages to your WPC flooring.


1. Damage resulting from excessive loads

Exposing your WPC flooring to heavy loads such as sunshade stand or even flowerpots, it is most likely to be deformed.


How to prevent this

Prior to the installation of WPC flooring, always ensure that you first consider and factor where you would like to place your garden furniture or other artificial plants.


Also, you can avoid the floorboards of your WPC floor from bending, you can reduce the space from one substructure beam to another. However, you can contact a reputable WPC flooring manufacturer for expert guide on the right spacing


 WPC flooring

2. Damage resulting from mechanical abrasion

Scratches on WPC floor is one of the most common problems encountered on this flooring material. This is usually as a result of rod grits that stick to shoe treads.


Also, scratches from the claws of pets such as cats and dogs can leave tiny notches on the floorboards.


How to prevent this:

To avoid scratches to your WPC floor, always opt for the scratch resistant types when buying WPC floor, especially when you have pets with long claws at home.


3. Damage resulting from heavy impact

In most case large hailstones can cause some damaging impact on WPC floors. Also, when heavy items are dropped on this flooring materials, especially in the hospitality industry, light spots or holes may arise from such places over time.


This can be prevent by;

If heavy materials are dropped directly on the hallow chamber of a WPC floor, it is most likely to cause a hole. For this reason, if an environment is envisaged to experience high flow of heavy material, solid floorboards are the best option to use in such places.


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