Ceramic Tiles Vs. SPC Flooring

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Ceramic tiles, most times simply referred to as tiles are semi-metal oxides and fireproof metal oxides.


They have a type of resistance to alkali or acid stone or porcelain, decorative or building materials because of the grinding, glazing, mixing, sintering, and pressing process that goes into their production. 


The raw materials that produce ceramic tiles include quarts, clay, etc.


During the development decades, tiles were already widely applied to business and family areas. But due to the product character, they have also appeared to experience some inevitable problems in their production process.


SPC flooring stands for Stone Plastic Composite flooring. The main components include calcium carbonate (or limestone), PVC powder, and stabilizer. The new technological developments have produced new versions of SPC flooring that can be called soft ceramic tile.


The advantages of this new version include better stability in the dimensions, little noise as people walk on it, no distortion, no warping, heat and sound insulation, 100% waterproof quality, high peel strength, an absence of harmful emissions, and an eco-friendly rigid floor. 


This is why only the most efficient SPC flooring manufacturers should be sort for in your purchase.


Features of SPC Flooring Compared to Ceramic Flooring


· Non-slip performance


The chances of slipping on wet ceramic tiles are very high and there is are high cases of slip accidents reported every year.


In public places, both abroad and at home, ceramic floors are too smooth and have led to some major life-altering injuries. This is why SPC flooring is way better.


It is popularly referred to as the soft ceramic tiles because of its great flexibility and its surface that is made up of deep pressure crystal FIR. This helps the floor to form a convex and concave anti-skid effect.


After the experimental tests have been carried out, you can purchase one at affordable rates. 


 SPC flooring

· Installation and usage


There is a need for patience and proper attention to detail when paving tiles as it is construction work.


Before the floor is paved with tiles, there is a need for a mortar substrate on the ground, and the tiles are placed on the mortar and then hit with a rubber hammer to make it firm.


At the same time, the constructor must be sure that all the tiles are aligned horizontally. The cost is therefore high and it takes quite some time to pave tiles. 


But SPC flooring is a new type of flooring that is characterised by its quick installation without the use of cement mortar.


As long as the ground condition is excellent, SPC can be used directly on the floor and the floor can be walked on 24 hours after installation.


If the ground condition is not as good as it should be, you can simply pave the cement self-flow level, to create a balance and to make sure that the highest and lowest D-value are within 2mm.


· Feet sensation


The enamels of tiles’ surface cannot absorb hear, which means an adjustment can only be done by outside temperatures.


If underfloor heating is not present in the home, your feet will be cold when you step on the tiles barefoot- this is especially for children who run around the home barefoot. They will feel cold and still as they run. 


SPC floors belong to a group commonly referred to as resilience material. When they are compared to tiles, they are soft and comfortable, possessing a better thermal insulation property.


Also, their resilience is great, and they don’t produce a cold feeling on the feet; they always make the feet feel good. 


· Stone surface SPC flooring


A recent trend that some manufacturing companies have been promoting is the production of stone surface SPC flooring. This solves a huge technical problem in the industry; a technical problem caused by ceramic tiles. 


Stone surface SPC flooring is easy to install and is very cost-efficient. Wooden colours are also available; they produce a real wooden feeling on the floor.


SPC flooring will definitely seize more market shares in the coming years because they are getting more recognition from customers. 


SPC rigid core flooring merges the beauty of wood and the strength of stone. It is a one for all solution for all homes


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